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Bliss Natural Soft Disposable Maternity Panties - Best For Heavy Flow and Postpartum Care - Pack of 2
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Bliss Natural Soft Disposable Maternity Panties - Best For Heavy Flow and Postpartum Care - Pack of 2

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Bliss Natural Soft Disposable Period Panties For Women are made in India. And it is available online. It comes in full-up pants and is mainly designed for new and expecting mothers, with complete coverage protection. Our products are entirely free from plastic and chemicals. Fully made of all-natural materials and ingredients (Kenaf), it is a unique concept compared with other pads.

Our Product disposable period panties come in various sizes, Like M, L, and XL, giving 360-degree strong leakage protection and an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.

Additionally, our materials are designed with bamboo spun-laced nonwovens at the top layer, kenaf fiber at the middle layer, and starch bioplastic at the bottom layer. We promise to be free from rashes, itching, and irritation. Also, they are toxin-free.

What Is The Bliss Natural Maternity Panties?

Bliss Natural disposable maternity panties provide women with a short-term, proper solution throughout the transitional period of pregnancy and childbirth. They are perfect for hospital use, during postpartum recovery, and travel.

Purpose Of Bliss Natural Maternity Panties

The primary purpose of maternity pads is to address the postpartum bleeding and discharge known as lochia. Lochia consists of blood, mucus, and uterine tissue, which occurs as the uterus sheds its lining after delivery.

We are mainly designed to manage and control bleeding after delivery and discharge.

Benefits Of Getting Bliss Natural Maternity Panties

Choosing Bliss Natural Maternity Panties can offer various benefits for expectant mothers during pregnancy and postpartum.

Comfortable Fit For Various Body

Our Maternity Panties are fit for various body types with elastic waistbands and stretchy material. The fit is designed to be comfortable at different pregnancy stages and support a growing belly.


Bliss Natural's maternity panties contain a breathable design. The breathable materials provide comfort, which increases air circulation and reduces the possibility of discomfort from wetness.

Complete Leakage Protection

Our Period Panties come in full-up pants with complete leakage coverage protection for women and manage postpartum bleeding, providing new mothers confidence and peace of mind.

The Durability

Bliss Natural Maternity Panties are designed with durability, ensuring the product maintains its quality and functionality over an extended period.


The panties maintain their shape and softness, ensuring continued comfort for the wearer throughout the postpartum period. Women can feel confident, comfortable, and effective over time, meeting their postpartum needs consistently.

Points To Consider While Buying Bliss Maternity Pads and Panties are:

Before buying the maternity pad and panties, some points to consider while choosing are

Material Selection

We always choose the best material selection, like elastic, breathable, and all-natural materials and ingredients (Kenaf), Additionally, it has bamboo spun-laced nonwovens at the top layer, kenaf fiber at the middle layer, and starch bioplastic at the bottom layer.

Size and Fit

We usually provide maternity panties in sizes L, M, and XL so that pregnant women may select the one that best fits their expanding body size. Adjustable with a comfortable fit that doesn't feel too tight or closed. It is available in full-length pants that cover and protection for women.

L comes for Full Up Pants with 30-56 inches and a Height of 88 cm,

M comes for Full Up Pants with 25-48 inches and a Height of 80 cm,

XL comes for full-up pants with 30-56 inches and a height of 94 cm.

When to start wearing a Maternity Panty?

When a woman wears maternity panties from early pregnancy and the beginning of her recovery after giving birth, she feels more supported, safe, and at ease as her body grows back.

Early Pregnancy Comfort

Maternity panties give soft support and can accommodate an expanding belly, making them comfortable during the early stages of pregnancy. Use them from the first trimester onwards for a comfortable fit that adjusts to your body's evolving needs.

Postpartum Recovery period

During the postpartum recovery phase, wear maternity panties as soon as possible after delivery. They offer delicate care for the body, supporting and comforting it while boosting recovery.

Where can you buy Bliss Natural Maternity Pads online in India?

Bliss Natural is one of the best maternity pads purchased online in India from various platforms, including e-commerce websites and online and offline retailers.

Trusted Retailers And E-Commerce Platform

Bliss Natural is one of the best women's hygiene products in India. And most trusted retailers. It offers various sizes of maternity pads and panties.

Bliss Natural - Convenient Delivery Option

We promise to deliver your order within the specified timeframe. Whether it's next-day or a scheduled delivery, we are committed to ensuring your package arrives on time. Our first goal is to ensure you are satisfied and your delivery is safe. You may be guaranteed that our delivery staff follows strict safety procedures to deliver your product undamaged.

“Trust us to deliver not only our products but also the convenience and peace of mind you deserve."

Bliss Natural - Other Products

We provide confidence for women anytime, anywhere. So Bliss offers more women's hygiene products, such as sanitary napkins, pants liners, sweat pads, and adult diapers.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I pick my maternity panties and pads sizes?

Our panties come in three ranges, S - M and XL. You can select the size and inches that would best fit you currently. We recommend customers pick one size larger because of their postpartum pregnancy belly fat.

2. In Which Month of the pregnancy would it be a good idea to purchase a maternity pad?

During the 7 months of your pregnancy, you can get them online. Purchasing by the merchant will require 7 seven days taken. Bliss maternity pants are necessary for pregnant women, while preparing a delivery bag is essential.

3. Can I use regular pads instead of maternity pads?

While regular pads can be used, maternity pads are specifically designed to provide better coverage and absorbency for postpartum bleeding. It is recommended to use maternity pads during the initial days after childbirth.

4. Can maternity pads be used for cesarean section recovery?

Yes, maternity pads are suitable for use during cesarean section recovery. They provide the necessary coverage and absorbency for post-surgery bleeding.

5. How often should I change maternity pads?

Changing maternity pads frequently, approximately every 2 to 4 hours, or as needed is advisable. This helps maintain hygiene and prevents infection.

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